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Fishing Reports

November 5, 2022 Fly Fishing Report for the Truckee River and Pyramid Lake

by Miles Zimmerman

November 5, 2022 Fly Fishing Report for the Truckee River and Pyramid Lake

by Miles Zimmerman

When we say the fishing is good right now, we aren’t kidding, it’s good! This cold weather has really switched on the fish here locally on the Truckee and the Little Truckee as well as the shore bite at Pyramid. With daytime temps barely getting into the 40’s we recommend waiting to get on the river later in the day, with an 11 o’clock or noon start time giving you ample time to fish and giving the fish more time to get active as temps warm.

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Trout Creek Outfitters winter gear

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Truckee River Fly Fishing Report

The Truckee trout have definitely been on the chew this week and they are not shying away from the bigger bugs as long as the presentation is good. We’ve noticed a big change in the water type they’ve been sitting in, and now they are almost exclusively being found in the slow deep runs. With that said, it’s time to put away the euro rod for the winter and knock off the rust on your roll cast with an indo. The main reason we say this is due to the fact that when fish are found in this type of water being able to suspend nymphs 30-50 feet away from where you’re standing, and fish them at 6-10 feet of water is very difficult to achieve with a tight line set up.

Truckee River fly fishing November from Michael Hillman

After a solid snow day earlier in the week, Michael Hillman got out on the Truckee down the canyon and had a great day.

We have been finding a majority of our fish on stonefly nymphs and just for good measure we’ve been sticking a mayfly nymph below it, which seems to be doing better on the smaller fish of the day, with 90% of the larger fish caught being on stones. Pat’s Rubber Legs continue to be our top producer and color and size doesn’t appear to make a huge difference. The dropper nymphs of choice have been pheasant tails, prince nymphs, and juju baetis all in 16’s. With more weather on the way, the persistent angler has a good shot at a few streamer grabs this week, and using any olive sculpins, off-white patterns imitating whitefish or smaller black bugger-type flies will certainly get you a few grabs. This game will be best played down on the Reno side of the river where there is more streamer friendly water to fish. The browns have begun to spawn heavily in the last week so please keep an eye out for redds or fish exhibiting spawning behavior, if you’re not sure what to look for, stop in the shop or give us a call and we are happy to explain.

Little Truckee Fly Fishing Report

The Little Truckee continues to fish well as flows are steady at +/- 120 CFS for over a month now. The dry fly bite has resumed after the shift in weather patterns last week slowed it down significantly, and the BWO’s can be found on top early afternoons, running an average size of 20-22. If nymphing here, using a euro rod will continue to be the most productive way to pick apart this smaller water where most of your fishing is done within 10-20 feet. The main bugs right now are BWO’s, midges, worms and eggs. The browns have also started to spawn heavily here as well, so please avoid wading anywhere near redds, or targeting fish exhibiting spawning behavior. Boca reservoir is incredibly low right now, and the inlet is changing daily, making fishing here a bit of a gamble depending on the structure of the inlet on any given day.

Fly fishing at Pyramid Lake for Lahontan Cutthroat Trout

Good shore fishing is only another week or two out! Are you ready?

Pyramid Lake Fly Fishing Report

We are excited to see this weather continue to cool off water temps at the salty pond, and it appears that good shore fishing is only another week or two out! Anglers have already begun to switch gears from heavy jigged flies on float tubes to chucking sinking lines and bobbers off of ladders, and this will only get better in coming weeks. As it is still a bit early in the season for this game, getting out early mornings and again in the evenings will likely be the best window for fishing but in another couple of weeks this could shift to mid-day. If using a sinking line, try using baitfish patterns imitating Tui Chubs, Cui-Ui’s, or try a good ol’ midnight cowboy and a booby or beetle in chartreuse and white. When fishing under an indo right now, try balanced leeches fished at 10-15 feet, and get the out away from the drop-off’s.

For more about fishing at Pyramid Lake, read our 4-part series on the website.

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  • Miles