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We have a great selection of items in the store and online for fishing the Truckee River and Pyramid Lake during the Winter and Spring. 

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Recommended items for Pyramid Lake 

ORVIS 9' 0" 8 wt Clearwater Combo

This is a great entry-level Pyramid rod to wrangle those 20 pounders at the ol’ salty. This combo comes with a 9’ 0” 8 weight 4 piece clearwater rod, a Clearwater IV reel pre-spooled with backing, fly line (floating) and tapered leader. This single hand rod works well for both indicator fishing and for stripping streamers as it has enough power to turn over heavy set-ups and punch through the notorious Pyramid winds. Great for anyone looking to head out to pyramid for the first time and who needs one rod to do it all.

Jaydacators Indicators

The best bobbers, sorry ... strike indicators ... money can buy. Made right here in beautiful Truckee, CA by long time fishing guide Jay Cockrum, these indos are hand lathed out of balsa wood and hand painted by Jay himself. They have unparalleled strike detection, visibility, buoyancy and cast-ability and are absolute game changers for bobber fishing at pyramid where single overhead waves are common. For this lake we recommend sizes medium and large depending on conditions and fly selection. 

Pyramid Grade Nets

If you’ve fished Pyramid before, odds are you’ve heard a comment along the lines of “Hey, cute net!” Referring to someones catch and release net meant for a 20” trout. Well, don’t let the angler in your life be the brunt of someone’s bad joke, keep them prepared for when that 20 pounder strikes with a net fit for a king trout (or salmon). We carry the largest aluminum nets available from Adamsbuilt as well as collectible wood nets from Jon Sluiter made by hand in Tahoe City.

Stripping Baskets

One of the most underrated pieces of equipment for here, this is a must have if you are chucking streamers. The basket is designed to hold your line when casting to prevent it from sinking, tangling or wrapping around you, therefore maximizing each cast and minimizing the time spent with your flies out of the water when stripping. We carry a basic option for $39.99 as well as Scientific Angler’s ECOastal Stripping basket made out of recycled foam.  

Sumo Rod Mounts

These Sumo rod mounts are priceless for the avid Pyramid angler and a great alternative to the popular Riversmith River Quivers. They mount quickly and easily and allow anglers to keep their rods rigged and ready when jumping around from beach to beach, looking for the hot bite. We carry both the magnetic and the suction mounts if the car is made with a non-magnetic hood. Save both time and broken rods when trying to stuff them inside your ride or dangling off of your tailgate.

Pyramid Lake Fly Set

Here we have a dozen proven fish catchers for the salty pond. This is a great stocking stuffer for the fly flinger in your life and also a great add on if purchasing one of our 9’ 0” 8 wt. Orvis Clearwater combos. Start them off on the right foot! 

Recommended items for the Truckee River 

ORVIS 10' 0" 3 wt Clearwater Combo

If you’ve been fishing for a while chances are you’ve heard how efficient and fun euro nymphing, high sticking, competition nymping or contact nymphing is. Well, whatever you want to call it, we’ve got the rod for you. This ORVIS combo comes complete with a 10’ 0” 3-weight 4-piece Clearwater rod and a Clearwater II reel pre-spooled with backing, competition fly line and a euro-style leader. If you or your loved one is struggling to find fish on the Truckee, this will be the key to more successful days on the river! Check it out in store or call for more info.

ORVIS Clearwater 9' 0" 5 wt Combo

The 9’ 0” 5-weight rod rod is the Swiss army knife of trout rods, you cannot beat its versatility! This combo is the perfect way to introduce someone to the sport of fly fishing. The combo is complete with a 9’ 0” 5-weight 4-piece Clearwater rod, a Clearwater II reel pre-spooled with backing, fly line and tapered leader. The rod is covered by the ORVIS 25-year warranty to ensure a broken rod won’t end your fly fishing career before it even began. 

Tahoe Trout Bum Gear

Our local Trout Unlimited chapter has done it again with their latest line-up of hats, t-shirts, sweatshirts, Buffs and stickers repping our area. Support cold water conservation this Christmas and rep local! A portion of proceeds will support the Truckee River chapter of TU.

Truckee River Winter Fly Set

On our website we are currently offering our winter assortment of Truckee River flies, but if the person is more of a summertime fisher or fishes elsewhere we are happy to put together a custom assortment to “Match the hatch”, give us a call or stop in! Our fly selections make for a great stocking stuffer, but also pair excellently with a rod and reel combo for someone new to the sport!

Truckee Trout Bum Gear

We are proud to offer our Truckee Trout Bum tees and hoodies just in time for the holidays! These will be a great gift for the local angler that already has everything. A portion of proceeds will also go to the Trout Unlimited chapter #103 right here in Truckee. Keep your money local this Christmas and support cold water conservation right here in the Truckee River watershed.

Gift Cards from Trout Creek

You can't go wrong with a Trout Creek Outfitters gift card. Especially if you aren't sure what they want or if you're shopping from out of town. We can create the gift card in store, put it in an envelope, and ship it directly to the lucky person on your list. Buy online, in store, of just give us a call if you have any questions.

River Quiver from Riversmith

River Quivers are designed to fit your fly rods securely next to one another in an insanely strong injection molded reel box and double barrel big bore rod tubes. With a military spec 810G vibration standard tested for stability in transport, the River Quiver is the only rooftop fly rod carrier to undergo this harsh testing, ensuring strength and stability for your rods in transport. Lock and keys included. We have 2 banger and 4 banger models in store.

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Spend $100 or more and get a Free Trout Creek Camp Mug.

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