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by Scott Keith

New California Freshwater fishing regulations were announced on March 1, 2021 from the California Department of Fish & Game. 

Please note that the Truckee River and local streams do have unique areas where exceptions to the General Regulations. Please read below.


5.85. TROUT.

As used in this section, daily bag and possession limits, unless otherwise noted, mean the total number of trout in combination, including but not limited to rainbow, golden, brown, and cutthroat.

(a) General Statewide Regulations:

(1) All inland lakes and reservoirs; and ponds entirely on private lands, except those listed in Section 7.50(b), are open to fishing all year with a five-trout daily bag limit, and 10 trout possession limit.

(2) All inland streams, rivers, and canals, except those listed in Section 7.50(b), are open to fishing

from the last Sat. in Apr. through Nov. 15, with a five trout daily bag limit, and ten trout possession limit, with no gear restrictions. From Nov. 16 through the Fri. preceding the last Sat. in Apr., a zero trout bag limit applies, and only artificial lures with barbless hooks may be used. In waters where the bag limit for trout is zero, trout must be released unharmed, and should not be removed from the water.

(3) Exceptions:

(A) All waters in Section 7.50(b), Alphabetical List of Trout Waters with Special Fishing Regulations, are those having regulations different from the General Statewide Regulations for trout.

(B) Brook Trout bag and possession limits may be taken in addition to the statewide trout daily bag

and possession limits. See Section 5.84

Specifically for the Truckee River, here is what is says:

Truckee River (Nevada, Placer, and Sierra Cos.)

(A) Truckee River for 1,000 feet below the Lake Tahoe outlet dam.

  • Closed to all fishing all year.

(B) Truckee River from the confluence of Trout Creek downstream to the mouth of Prosser Creek.

  • Open all year, only artificial flies with barbless hooks may be used.

No trout may be taken (0 trout allowed)

(C) Truckee River from the mouth of Prosser Creek downstream to the Nevada State Line.  

1. Open from Last Saturday in Apr. through Nov. 1

  • Only artificial lures may be used.
  • 2 trout may be taken during this time period
2. Open from Nov. 16 through the Friday preceding the last Saturday in Apr.
  • Only artificial lures with barbless hooks may be used.
  • No trout may be taken (0 trout)

For the full report, visit the California Department of Fish & Wildlife.


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